Thanks everyone who commented with support on my last post.
Just typing things out sorted some stuff out in my mind and made everything feel a bit more organized and less overwhelming so I started feeling better after writing it and from reading comments.

I’ve had a number of instances now in the past few months where I made an impulsive post here that I later deleted. I really want this blog to be less about in the moment freaking out and instead more looking at things about myself with some emotional distance.
Since I’ve had some instances where those messy emotion things have bled over into this blog they clearly are lacking a good place to go. Isn’t compartmentalization great? I get really jumpy about more ‘this is what is going on right now’ posts, because I think they make me more identifiable.

Would people be interested if I started a vent-y whine-y emotional blog that is password protected? I think I will also use it to tell about some things I’ve had to omit from here because I didn’t feel there was a sufficient way to disguise them to protect my privacy. There are a number of posts here where I had to leave out layers of complexity, because of my privacy concerns.
This new blog won’t replace this one, it’ll just cover a different area.
If so comment and I’ll make one and email you the link/pw.

edit: So the new blog is made. I’ve been sending out emails with the url and password to people who have commented.