Dear W.P.




Dear W.P. (aka. The student suing Princeton following a forced medical leave),

Best of luck with your case. I relate a lot to things written in your lawsuit. I especially relate to the idea of living in constant anxiety trying to comply with the readmission requirements. I also can relate a lot to the issue of the campus counseling center betraying confidentiality and contacting non-health professional school officials. It was terrifying to realize how imperfect confidentiality is.

About the gap in your academic record. I was really worried about that, but no one has ever noticed or questioned it.

I hope you win and can help make some changes in the policies at Princeton.

I imagine the lawsuit is a stressful route. I beat myself up periodically for not taking the lawsuit route. The OCR complaint seemed better since it was less aggressive and I wasn’t to stay at the school. But I wonder if I had pursued the lawsuit route if I could have had more of an impact. I hope it works out for you.

4 thoughts on “Dear W.P.

  1. You are lucky you can write someone the psychiatrist (fourth year) that I was seeing and made me feel soooo much more stable dropped me after his residency and refused my e-mails his name is Dr ******* ********** and he is ay *** in ********* I just want anyone to know how he dropped me and broke my heart and now I am totally lost!

  2. This comment is totally true, I am not a farce he refused to see me, for any minimum amount of time and made me feel horrible. ********** is responsible!!!!!!!!! He was my only hope and he ditched me!@


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