I swear I’ll write a post here again eventually. Therapy 3x a week was using up all of my desire to talk about myself. That’s over now though. I over-use the word though.

A quick question. I keep seeing in my blog stats people finding me by searching my user name. I don’t know of anywhere where my username would show up without a link back here. So I can only conclude that people had already found my blog and are googling me trying to find out more about me than what I’ve already written here. This freaks me out. This blog is anonymous for a reason. I don’t want you knowing more than I choose to share here. It makes me not want to write anything, feeling like people are trying to pry and access more info than I’d like to give, that maybe this isn’t a safe means of expressing myself. Not that I don’t google everyone, myself. It feels different when it’s towards me. I’m open to suggestions of less paranoid reasons why people might be googling me.

Oh and I’ve moved into an apartment with a buzzer. I guess I’ve become what I hate:P

8 thoughts on “Searches

  1. Hey, good to see you back. I am also subscribed to you in my RSS, BUT I know that way back when, when I would stumble across a blog I liked and forget to bookmark it, I would often try to find it again by googling whatever I could remember of it—usually the title or author’s username. I don’t see how that could be the answer for a whole lotta searches, but maybe one or two? I dunno.

    On another note, therapy 3x a week sounds exhausting!

  2. Oh, also, if it really stresses you out, there’s an option with WordPress where you can choose not to make your blog available to search engines—so even if someone searches your username, it shouldn’t lead them back here. It cuts down on traffic of course, but also on nerves, and I’ve done it a few times when paranoia got the better of me (in fact, I might still be in that setting, now that I think about it).

  3. I have you linked on my page, so that is usually how I get here. But if I didn’t have you linked, you have a unique user name so I would google your username to find your blog if I couldn’t find the addy. Perhaps that is why they are googling your name. I often have people googling “sanity is knocking” to find my website too.


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