Ever since I started talking to therapist #27 about how I’m looking for a job, he’d mention the same thing.

“You should look into the work Dr. X is doing.”

And I’d smile and say, “Sure I’ll look into that. Thanks for the tip.”
But I’d never write the name down. By the end of the session the name would be long forgotten. And besides I wouldn’t want to use the tip anyway.
I don’t want to get a job referral from my therapist. I haven’t reached that level of desperation yet. I’m so worried about privacy and boundaries, the last thing I want is a job I was refereed to by my therapist.

Imagine the interview, “How did you hear about this job?”
“Err.. Um.. Google?”

I applied to a number of jobs this weekend. One stood out. It matches my interests more than anything else I have applied to. It’s a bit of a stretch for me to get this one in particular, but I figured it was such a perfect match that I needed to try.

I mentioned this job application in therapy this week and described the job a little.

And #27 asked again, “Have you looked into the work Dr. X is doing yet?”

And then I realized Dr. X was the person I’d applied for that job with.

It’s not a huge deal. I probably won’t get the job. It’s a long shot. And even if I did I wouldn’t avoid it because of this. It’s too wonderful of an opprotunity.
I can’t keep things separate to the extent I want them to be. What’s the opposite of the mental health field? I should have decided to go into that.