My sense of humor: Self injury lego robot

I was going through old photos and found some pictures from around 7 years ago. Apparently back in 2006, I decided to make a self-injurying lego robot. I took pictures of it but am not sure I ever shared them with anyone.

I put the photos under the cut. I don’t believe in trigger warnings, and I think this is more comical/absurd than anything else, but I can respect that some might disagree with me.

Sorry lego purists I deviated from the mainstream legos with this

This is a bit of a deviation from my normal postings here, but I had a bit of a laugh when I found these and thought others might enjoy as well. The blog is the only venue where I am able to share something of this nature.

One thought on “My sense of humor: Self injury lego robot

  1. Oh my gosh haha, when you mentioned triger warnings i thought there are going to be pictures of acual cuts. And yes definatly not mainstreem lego ever considered being a hipster? :)


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